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Magpie Girl inspired me today with her post about gremlins and chatting right back with solutions. Without further ado, here is my list:

If I had the money and the stones, then I’d quit my job to learn massage therapy and then Holistic Pelvic Care from Tami Lynn Kent. (Then I’d better start saving and researching massage schools.)

If I had a healthy body, then I wouldn’t have to go through all these steps & meditations & journaling & I wouldn’t have this trail of pain & unruly emotions & relational faux pas. (Yay! I know how to help myself feel better, and I have all the resources, and I’ll deepen my relationship with myself all whilst feeling healthier! It’s just baby steps a day toward health. And I can do that.)

If I’d been born to more self-aware people, then I wouldn’t have all these issues. (And yet, I’d still have issues. We all have issues. And these people are my mirror for my own growth. And they love me like mad.)

If I’d saved money all those years at home, then I wouldn’t be so worried about money now. (Better late than never, my love, so look at the money you can save, and start there.)

If I just had this book, then I know it would all be better. (And then it’ll take me months to read it, and I won’t do the exercises because I’ll think I’ll read it again, and all the while, I alone know how I can help me best. And ps: you can send that money right into savings.)

If he would just be gentler, more aggressive, more loving, more _____, then things would be better. (And honey, you could be gentler, too. When you are triggered, it is your responsibility to care for yourself. Practice love!)

If I just had more time to myself, then I could do all these things I want to do. (Maybe, my love, and yet when you do have time, you forget all those things you want to do. Perhaps planning ahead and spending the week excited for your date with yourself would work better.)

If I just had an idea, then I would write more fiction. (Pssssst. You do have ideas. Many about this same character. What’s missing is the writing. Just sayin’.)

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