Well hello, Friday. So nice to see you.

I read a life-changing book that I want to tell you about, and yet it’s difficult when it’s a book I needed so badly, so explaining why I love it may be convoluted and excessively personal. Even still, it’s a personal sort of book and I think if every woman were raised to think about their bodies like this book inspires me to, the entire world would change dramatically.

Wild Feminine by Tami Kent offers women a new way to love themselves and their bodies. And it has to be the most holistic, powerful and practical approach I’ve ever seen.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging – – because it requires women to take responsibility for their wellbeing and their bodies and their own healing.

Essentially, Ms. Kent translates how life affects women’s bodies and how women can affect their lives through taking care of their bodies. And this is her mission: she is a physical therapist with training in massage, energy and other areas related to moms & babies, and she has a woman-centered practise in Oregon addressing imbalance in the pelvic floor. She does this by noticing the energy patterns in the body, assessing the health of the organs, and using massage to release tension.

In her book, she explores how the body tells women’s stories, and their relationship to their power, to femininity, to creativity and its cycles, to relationships, to emotions, and to stress. As she goes through the major reproductive organs, she offers stories from her practise and tools for the individual to start on for their own personal healing.

I came away wondering this:

What if women treated their bodies as the doctors administering prescriptions (a hot bath, a girl’s night out, an artist’s playdate, no sex tonight, much sex tonight, just time alone for me, rest rest rest) and knew how to interpret and release tenderness, pain, and/or tension in their body?

What if relying on one’s intuition and what felt right in the body was the default position for women? How would that change our choices, relationships, hobbies, careers and bodies?

What if women were taught to love and listen to their feminine body’s needs, rather than view the body as something to control, starve, and stuff into shapes and ideas of superficial beauty?

It’s a seductive idea: women owning and nurturing their bodies and taking on the world from a place of groundedness. It’s a bit radical. It feels overwhelming to me right now, at the beginning of this journey. And yet, I’m inspired by the hope I found in this book, of the amazing resource that is my relationship with my body.

Actually, I’m inspired that this book even exists, let alone that Tami Kent has a practise wherein she sees and soothes women on a daily basis. I realized that all those self-esteem books I’ve eyed before have little meaning if I could find the power within my body and live from the wisdom of what’s right for me.

It’s so simple and so difficult, all at once.

My wanderlust is high high high right now, and I want to stash several flowy dresses and comfy shoes in my bag and hail a flight to Oregon, stat.

Thank you, Tami Kent, for the most gorgeous book about femininity I’ve ever read.