Nurture, compassion, soul, soulful, soul love, soul shine, hug, held, witnessed, protected, safe, safe, safe, folded into, relaxed, supine, child’s pose, shavasana, kisses, massages, hot stones, rub my feet, please, please, please, soothe, comfort, still, quiet, tranquil, easy, flow, ease, melting, being, nourishing, serenity, solidarity, wholeness, buzzing quiet, whispers, love, care, fading, silent, savor, expand, laugh, weep, gently, shhh, peace, peace, peaceful, chilled air, trees, gurgle of a creek, crunching leaves, cool damp ground, wanton, wellbeing, giggles, waves, undulating, feeling, sensing, claiming, knowing, silence.

Dark, twirling, film noir, kohl eyeliner, full moon, witches and spells and brews and potions and devious sparkles in eyes, hands extended, palms up, i will receive, i am open, i will hear, i will listen, i am quiet, i am yielding, receptive, alive, curious, rooted, interested, yes yes yes, i want to grow, i want to feel you, i want this wildness in me, hazy glow, lightning, melancholy and ecstatic, creative and flowing, still and knowing, birthing newness, dying embers of the past, it’s fading away, i’m not sad, let it go, i am ready, i am old, i am new, i am open, do you hear me? i am open, this is me, asking for you, gentle, soulful, just slow down, remember to touch, to taste, to feel, to really feel, i said to fucking feel, let it glide over you, resting nowhere, flowing out, opening up, kissing those places briefly, briefly, fleeing, running, it’s behind us now, a new sun, a new earth, a brighter day, it’s here.

i am craving water.