What if my unruly communication is a cry for attention?
What if I distracted myself from the obstacle and flaunted what I’ve still got?
What if I lived the answer instead of obsessing over the question?
What if I treated myself the way I wish to be treated?
What if I knew the way I wish to be treated?
What if I created the intimacy I’m convinced will free me?
What if I invited him in, instead of kicking him out?
What if I closed my eyes and let my body lead the way?
What if I quit my job right now, bought a ticket, and asked to learn from the woman who inspires me?
What if I thought it normal to follow my desires and intuitions and thought it odd to seek guidance elsewhere?
What if I knew and allowed that to be enough?
What if I could see it as it lies in front of me?
What if I dared to act on my impulses, the ones that scare me, the ones that risk familiarity, the ones that haunt me?
What if I really believed all you need is love?
What if I found a way to live in the feeling of love I’ve flirted with before?