This week has seemed hard.

And I do realize that compared to those in Haiti, I’ve got it made. Compared to even my co-worker’s drama, I have it made.

Those thoughts haven’t made the constant teary eyes and frayed nerves feel any easier.

So, tonight, I have purchased smoked salmon, capers, heavy cream, pasta and balsamic vinegar to go with the fresh lemon, garlic and pesto I have at home. I’ve got the ingredients to make Pumpkin! Bread! and Muffins! for dessert and breakfast tomorrow.

Most importantly: I have Epsom salts and organic lavendar essential oil for my first soak in my new-to-me tub in my new-to-me apartment.

A mini-retreat, complete with sleeping in, no need to scrape the icy flakes from my windshield, and two good books.

I can feel the fresh, shiny, restored perspective already.