After a nice dinner with my man, his brother and his girlfriend, we found ourselves discussing dirty words.

One of my favorite topics.

The girlfriend, whom we’ll call Sandra Dee, said she wasn’t a fan of the word titties. Or, pussy. The conversation kept going, until I had to ask what word she preferred instead of pussy. She didn’t know. And she’d never heard of using “kitty.” Then, she cocked her head to the side, and tried to remember another word she didn’t like that started with the letter S.

“Snatch!” I screamed, like I’d just won $500,000 on a game show.

“That’s it!” she said. “I didn’t even say which body part it related to,” she laughed.

Well, apparently, it’s the first word that comes to my mind.

And then my man kissed my ear and whispered: That’s why I love you.