I believe in singing loudly.

I believe my cat and I communicate pretty damn well without words.

I believe in the power of Girl’s Night Out.

I believe I’m rich as almighty hell because I receive epiphanies on a spontaneously frequent basis.

I want to learn to hula hoop.

I am Chakralicious!

I require lots of bright color in my life.

I realized that I buy books because what I really desire is support.

I’ve been wearing a mask of sexuality that was intellectualized, and I’m giving myself permission to re-create myself authentically, sexually. Bodily. Sensationally. Tantrically.
It’s permission to have sex with all of me.

Right after I wrote a post about Calm, and being over Bleary Eyes, I spent a week feeling more exhausted than I can ever remember being.
I proved to myself that breathing, naps, meditation really do produce calm and wellbeing for me.

My life is about to change, a lot, and for the better, on January 8, 2010.
My life is already kick-ass, so this is going to ROCK.

Questioning my beliefs and what works for me in my life led me to realize I’m an intuitive empathetic person.
Life made a lot more sense after that.

I’m writing this blog because I am flexing my voice.
I want to express myself in a more public way, and I’m quite good with being low-key and low-read at this point.
I just want my voice out there.
That’s my only intention – the direction, the feel, the look, the focused content can all come later.
It’s also about accepting imperfection.
Because perfection is SHIT.

I am thankful for the wisdom of yoga, of all these life tools I’ve been exposed to, and the personal transformation I’ve seen in such a short time.

Right now, I’m learning about enough.
I have close to 70 books on my To Be Read List, yet I always want more.
Overwhelm sucks.
The lesson is being content with what you have.

The less you want, the more you got, so don’t you cry for more…

But I also believe in asking for what you want.
How it will make you feel.
With no regard to how you’ll acquire it.